About Us

EvoluCulture Ventures LLC
is an integrated arts organization
based in Newark, NJ. 

EvoluCulture aims to inspire and hold space
for artists and art lovers who need it. Spaces for expression
(live and virtual) include open mics, showcases,
art exhibitions, mental health check-in sessions 
and more. The mission is reflected in content we present
on platforms such as YouTube, as well as our apparel line.

The name comes in part from a quote
by WWE Superstar, Triple H:
"In life, you either adapt, or your perish; that is evolution." 
First known as EVOLVE NJ,
with the premise to promote growth 
within the state of New Jersey through the arts,
the years that followed reflected a broader premise:
to promote growth and change of cultural norms 
through the arts, in and out of Jersey. 

We see Evolution not as a 
narrow path to the top,
but a cycle summed up in four words:
Learn/ Unlearn/ Relearn/ Repeat. 
Therefore, evolution is more of a journey
than a destination:a constant revisiting 
of what’s been gained so far, and how it fits into--
or breaks, out of necessity--the current norm.

We are a Black-owned, Black woman co-owned, Black-founded,
and Black/ Woman/ Queer-operated organization.
While all are welcome to share in our spaces,
EvoluCulture prioritizes and affirms voices
of marginalized groups, particularly those
within the Black Diaspora and all its intersections. 

Check out our playlist below of all regulars and featured artists from our events.

Our Guarantee

All orders will be shipped within 7 to 12 business days.